JukeREC Help

Internet Radio Recorder-Jukerec-Help

JukeRec’s interface is as easy as it gets – four large icons displayed to the left – Record, Options, Radio Stream List, Activity and Help. If you are reading this information, it means that you have clicked on the last one – now let’s check out what the others are for.


When pressing the “Record” icon, you are presented with two buttons – “Play Radio Stream” and “Record Radio Stream” and the option “Select Radio Stream” so you can either just play the radio stream you have opted for at the bottom of the app, or also record it while listening to it.

The window allows you to select both a category and a specific radio station to listen to. Radio categories are alphabetically indexed – once you select a certain category, a list of all the radio stations available in that category will be automatically populated.

JukeRec saves last configuration which means it will always preserve your last radio station you have been listening to.


The “Options” icon allows you to select the folder in which to save your audio recordings (simply press the Directory button) and name each of them as you wish; here you can also specify the time limit for your recordings (by default the ‘Recording entire radio stream” box is ticked).

Radio Stream List

Clicking on this icon will show you the list with all the featured radio stations of JukeRec. You can enrich the list by adding your favorite radio-stations at any time – simply press the “Add” button and enter the name of the radio you want to introduce along with the category it belongs to and its URL.

Each of the radio stations listed here can be further edited –  you can choose to change them (select another category to include them into) or delete them at any time (there’s also a “Delete” button next to “Add” and “Edit”.


This option simply displays data related to connection – how the ‘Play’ and ‘Record’ functions are performing.


1. For easier access to the radio stations you listen to on a regular basis we recommend using the “Favorite” feature which allows you to add all you preferred stations to one single list. To do so, first choose a radio station you like (from “Radio Stream List”), then press “Move to Favorite”.

2. You can choose to run JukeRec in the background – by minimizing it to the system tray – simply click the minimize window button;

3.  To restore full view double click the system tray icon;

4. To exit the program right click the system tray icon and choose “Exit”;